TikTok announce new interactive add-ons for your ads. What are they and how do they work?

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‘Entertain and engage in the For You page’

TikTok likes to keep its content fresh and work on new, innovative ways to keep the platform unique. They have been working behind the scenes to create new ways for advertisers and audiences to interact to create experiences which are beneficial to both parties alike, without detracting from the customer experience.  

Enter: Interactive add-ons for in-feed ads. 

The add-ons work by using interactive visual elements within ads to make your ads more engaging and appealing. According to TikTok “Viewers who have shared, liked, or commented on a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to buy a product or service”. With in-feed add-ons, interaction is encouraged. Allowing consumers to interact with a brand or product facilitates an affinity between the product and the consumer. Interactive elements capture the full attention of an audience in a unique way and as a result may make them more susceptible to your messaging and convert.

In-feed ads can be enhanced using standard or premium add-ons. TikTok state that standard add-ons are a great way to reach bottom of funnel marketing goals, driving clicks and conversions. Premium add-ons are a better way of targeting top of funnel ambitions such as brand awareness and community building.  

Standard add-ons

Display card


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  • Reach & Frequency campaigns and Auction ads using the Traffic, Conversions, App Installs, Lead Generation objectives support the Display Card interactive
    add-on product. The Display Card is used to highlight specific elements or messages about your product. They might share exclusive offers but can also drive traffic to your website or app. This feature enables advertisers to add a customised image to the video which would act as a call to action to drive traffic to a website or app download page. The display card add-on is perfect for a brand awareness campaign as well as driving traffic to your website.


Gift code sticker

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory too. This add-on allows you to add promotional codes directly to your video ad. The code is displayed at all times until the video has played at least once. If you click the code, it automatically saves to your phone’s clipboard, allowing the user to redeem it directly at the landing page provided. This keeps the user experience super streamlined and as frictionless as possible. Ultimately, the easier you make it for the user to buy a product, the more likely they will.  

Voting sticker

  • The voting sticker encourages audience participation by enabling you to add a poll/quiz to your video in order to collect feedback/information from your audiences. This could lead to some great content angles as well as being a great market research tool. Voting encourages your community to come together to discuss a topic.

Countdown sticker

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  • This is a classic marketing technique. This instils a sense of urgency and encourages the audience to take action out of the fear of missing out. The time is displayed in ‘Days-hours-minutes’ and if time is less than 72 hours its displayed in ‘hours-minutes-seconds’. If the audience clicks on the countdown clock, they are taken to the landing page provided. This one will work great for flash sales. 


Premium add-ons

Pop-out Showcase

  • The pop-out showcase does exactly what it says on the tin. While watching the ad, the specific product you are advertising pops up and is showcased on thescreen. It can be used to highlight specific elements of the product or just the product itself! The pop-out elements are clickable too and can take you to a landing page to take your customer even further on their journey. Remember, your landing page is equally as important as the ad itself. A killer ad needs a killer landing page too. 

 A couple of things to note about the pop-out showcase. 

  1. The image size must be exactly 448*488px and only .png, .jpg, and .jpeg file formats are supported.
  2. You cannot place the pop-up in the first 3 seconds or the last 5 seconds of your video.


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  • The gesture add-on is a method designed to get users to physically interact with the ad. When you create a campaign for One Day Max or Reach & Frequency, you can add a Gesture to your ads. This add-on asks users to tap or swipe on the screen to reveal a reward. What you are doing here is basically asking the customer for their full attention and as a thank you for that they are offered a reward card, with a reward of your choosing.

A couple of things to note about the gesture add-on.

  1. You can add music or sounds to play when the reward card is activated. 
  2. The image size for the reward card must be exactly 620*788px and only .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif file formats are supported.

Super Like 2.0 

  • This add-on produces floating icons which catch the users are when they engage with your ad. Once the super like effect has disappeared it enables you to add a pop-up card which can take users to a landing page of your choice. 

As you can see, TikTok really are doing the most to make advertisements more ‘engageable’. Combining unique as well as tried and tested ways for advertisers to create a range of  engaging, interactive content which can be used to test what works best for their audiences. 

If you want to learn more about how you can utilise these new features, get in touch with JoeDom, or Freddie to book in a call!


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