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We sat down for a chat with some of our media buyers here at Soar to talk about all things creative to provide you with tips and insight to help you through the looming Black Friday period. 

Here’s what Ted and Katy had to say about what’s working creatively across client accounts at the moment.

“Any client that has put an extra 10-15% effort into creative has seen results immediately. We saw a crazy turnaround for a brand recently simply because they put the effort into their creatives around a product release (especially their videos), and it sent the ROAS soaring.” - Ted

“Creative is king” - this really is true. You can get your product in front of as many people as possible but if the creative doesn’t generate intrigue, hit pain points, or inspire desire, it just won’t bring the best results. Spend extra time optimising to create content that’s going to resonate with your audience and ultimately, convert. 

“For TikTok, your content needs to look native to the feed. You’ll find watch time increases which will in turn get the product in front of more people.” - Ted 

This is really important. Many are averse to advertising, some will actively turn off from it and swipe away from your content immediately if it’s blatantly obvious it’s an ad. Create content that's native to the feed that feels and looks like it should be there. If you generate intrigue and hook in the audience early, you’ll increase the watch time and because of the way that the algorithm works, this will in turn get your content in front of more potential customers. 

“The TikTok creative style of video is working well on Facebook and Instagram - not just on TikTok. It’s already optimised for stories and reels and these are typically areas we’re seeing the most engagement.” - Katy

A big trend we’re seeing across all accounts is TikTok-style creative approaches working on Facebook and Instagram. If you create content with repurposing in mind then you’ll save yourself tonnes of time and effort as 1 creative style could work across 3 different platforms. Something to remember is different platforms have different vibes. Use the blank creative as a base and then give it the vibe of the platform by using text overlays that are native to the distribution channels.

Key takeaway:

Less can be more if you give the task the time and attention it needs.

Put extra effort into making less, high-quality high performing content suitable for multiple channels rather than a lot of average-quality, lower-performing creatives. You’ll increase ad performance as well as productivity across the board.

If you want to find out how we can help you with Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok advertising - Here’s a link to JoeDom, or Freddie's calendar to book a discovery call. 

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