6 Email Marketing Tips Vital For Success Over Black Friday

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The space in a customer’s email inbox is understandably incredibly competitive over Black Friday. Brands sent 116.5 million on Black Friday, more than any other single day. But 2021 saw a 23% increase in sales when compared to 2020 - generating merchants $6.3 billion in global sales.

So how do you cut through the noise and get your emails noticed and opened by your customers? We sat down with Jacob, Head of Retention Marketing at Soar to find out more.

Here are 6 expert tips to get your brand noticed over one of the busiest periods for any eCommerce owner. 

1. Deliverability

Make sure your emails are landing in the right inboxes. You can send emails until the cows come home but if they aren’t landing in the right inbox no one is going to see them. Make sure to test the deliverability of your emails using tools such as Mail Genius.


2. Personalisation

Use first-party data to personalise email content and segment your audiences and funnels to provide bespoke customer experiences that feel personal. This will engage your audience and help them to connect with the content that you are sending out to them over Black Friday. 


3. Don’t just rely on your subject line

Think outside the box. Provide value on the build-up to Black Friday so that when the emails start to come through customers are actively looking for you. A great tactic that we've seen used on the run up to Black Friday is using a Black Friday black card. A voucher included that provides exclusive deals that only past customers that have a black card can access. This will keep you in mind when Black Friday comes along. 


4. Super segmentation

Split audiences between engaged and hyper-engaged. Some customers won’t need as much of a nudge as others to buy. You could have a VIP customer list who buy all the time and therefore get the best discounts because it’s an almost guaranteed sale.


5. Make the customer part of the conversation

Try to get customers to reply to emails before Black Friday to find out what they want to see on sale and reward the engagement with discounts. Being attentive to this level of retention will result in more sales.


6. Other alternatives

People are using other platforms to be heard. Utilising SMS during this time period is crucial to cut through the noise. You're able to reach your audience directly on their phone which could have more of an impact. With more than a 98% open rate, this is a no-brainer.

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