Kate's Black Friday Email Design Tips

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BFCM is the most competitive time of the year for a consumer’s email inbox. Brands sent 116.5 million on Black Friday, more than any other single day. But 2021 saw a 23% increase in sales when compared to 2020 - generating merchants $6.3 billion in global sales.

We spoke to one of our graphic designers, Kate, for her top tips on creating email content that converts over Black Friday.

Time Sensitivity

Be time sensitive. Don’t beat around the bush, I’m busy, you’re busy, everyone’s busy. Make sure that the copy is straightforward with a simple design, and make sure to get that offer above the fold so that the recipient gets as much information as possible without having to scroll.

In order to drive conversions you need to instil urgency, a marketing tactic that has stood the test of time. To do this effectively within your email, use time-related imagery such as clock GIFs and embed countdown timers into the body of the email. 

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Coupled with this, use copy that focuses on deadlines, urgency, and scarcity. Psychologically, we place more value on something that is scarce or rare. 




Sticking to a specific design style over BF/CM will allow the customer to recognise your emails coming into the inbox. They’ll spend less time reading who it’s from and more time clicking through to the site or browsing the offer. 

Here are some examples of brands that have used a cohesive campaign. 


Be direct

Show the customer what you have and the easiest route to the best deals by using:

  • Above the fold offers
  • Product blocks (in-email shopping)
  • Display discounted sections (e.g. 50% off shirts, 60% off jackets etc)
  • Less is more - less choice = more action

The simpler we make the journey through the email during this busy shopping season, the more likely you are to get click-throughs and purchases. With so many emails to read through, getting information across quickly works best.

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