Bene Culture

The results

6x revenue increase

We boosted revenue from £6k to £32k per month

30% increase

In monthly revenue compared to 2020

£16 CPP

Consistently hitting a £16 cost-per-purchase


Prior to joining Soar, Bene were pulling in £6k monthly revenue through their online store and transitioning from retailer to own brand.


We scaled revenue to £30k+ per month within a few months of working with them, allowing the founders to follow their dreams and go full-time!


6 months

Quote from owner:

Prior to Soar we were setting up ads but seeing no major success. Our initial meeting with Soar made us realised they wanted to aid in our growth with the brand strategy which matched us. As a brand, our imagery and items were up to the standard we wanted but we wanted to increase the sales and brand reach. Alongside this, we wanted to be able to maintain consistent revenue via online sales.

Alongside great communication; we were able to ask for advice; which was preceded with honest answers in terms of our designs, imagery and strategy. Rather than business transactions;  they were able to create marketing strategies that matched our brand perfectly. 

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